Our History

Our organization traces back its beginnings to 1969 as a "man-in-a-van" operation, and has since grown and diversified to be the forty-five million dollar conglomerate it is today. As radical technological advancements dictated the evolution of business practices and methodologies, and as commerce progressed into global markets, our organization has continued to expand and transform, adapting to customers' demands for faster, more reliable, affordable services.

Today, Newport is part of this multifaceted full-service facilities and logistics consortium, with a distinctive corporate structure that is primarily made up of eighteen (18) corporations, with over thirty (30) facilities throughout the eastern corridor and continental United States. Realizing the importance of offering clients diversity, flexibility and quality of service, our principal partners embarked in developing individual corporations which would concentrate on specific areas of service, designed to meet the various demands of businesses relating to facilities and logistics. In order to maintain the "one-on-one" contact our customers have become accustomed to, our principals established an incentive program whereby key individuals in each specific corporation would own equity and, therefore, treat the business with the same commitment and regard our principals would. Through this synergistic framework, our entire umbrella has expanded to provide a wide variety of services, including messenger, rush courier, long-haul trucking, asset retrieval, domestic & international air freight, home delivery, warehousing & distribution, and facilities management; and our offerings have extended beyond transportation and logistics to include other strategic business concerns, including concierge services, building security technology, procurement of office products & equipment, administration and information technology services.

The secret behind our continued success has been our corporate policy to mold our services around our customers' specific requirements --- offering integrated, creative and cost-effective facilities and logistics solutions specially tailored to meet the unique and diverse demands of individual businesses. Our foremost corporate objective has always been to provide our customers with only the highest quality service at the lowest possible costs. Our team of facilities and logistic experts recognize that the key to achieving this goal is by capitalizing on our own varied resources, implementing innovative approaches and techniques to our operations through effective utilization of state-of-the-art technology, and effective staffing by highly-motivated, dedicated personnel.

Corporate Affiliates

Below is a partial list of our affiliated companies: