Customized Solutions & Value-Added Services

Newport Distribution provides customers with highly customizable logistic solutions that maximize their cost savings and improve operational efficiency. We can design and implement sophisticated solutions that integrate with our customers' existing systems and provide information essential to making better business decisions.

Pick & Pack Solutions

With the growth of the internet and e-commerce, many companies find themselves in search of an efficient and cost-effective way to satisfy the second half of the sell, that is, giving the customer what they want when they want it. Newport Distribution currently manages a variety of pick & pack operations that range in scope from several orders per day to several thousand orders per month. Our extensive experience with this service covers many sectors, including promotional/exhibit materials, textiles, apparel, retail and electronics. At Newport Distribution, we have the experience, personnel and specialized equipment to support our clients' varying pick & pack requirements.


Cross-docking operations allow our clients the ability to manage the flow-through process of their products to and from various locations. In processing cross-dock orders, we can break down, sort, re-palletize or completely reconfigure your merchandise according to your specifications. We make sure that goods are handled according to your requirements and delivered to the ultimate consignee without the goods ever being brought into inventory.

Reverse Logistics

Efficiently managing undeliverable, refused or overstocked product is critical to the profitability of any company. As such, providing automated solutions to quickly process large volume returns, commonly known as reverse logistics, is one of the unique solutions we provide our customers. We excel in this discipline because of our core competency in designing optimal process flows with individually designed, automated solutions. Through the development of technology-driven custom systems, we have dramatically reduced the cost of processing returns while simultaneously providing accurate, timely data to our customers.


We at Newport Distribution work with our clients on a wide range of assembly and final configuration programs. Our capabilities include light assembly, final configuration, packaging, promotional material insertion and kitting. Whether the challenge requires a fast automated picking solution or a complex configuration, Newport Distribution can manage the job quickly and reliably.

Additional Services

We will perform any labor-intensive work for manufacturing and retail. We have provided the following additional services for our customers: