Inventory Management

Newport Distribution ensures accurate tracking and fast turnaround. As merchandise arrive at our loading dock, they are tracked using our state-of-the-art inventory management system. Our customer service review makes sure that counts are immediately verified; items are checked and then entered into our system with quantity and location; and then your customer service representative confirms receipt of merchandise to you. Any discrepancies or damage are urgently brought to your attention.

Our real time inventory system allows your inventory to be available as soon as it has left receiving and reached its stocking location. This makes it feasible for you to implement any quick turnaround project immediately, with the assurance that all your merchandise will be precisely tracked and maintained.

Check the real-time status of your inventory anytime. Real-time access lets you immediately review the status of merchandise received. You can view your inventory and order status in real time 24/7. Our flexible system adopts your nomenclature and numbering system, keeping your information simple and clear to you. We offer the convenience and speed of online reports, and we can generate customized hard-copy reports in any format you require.

Newport Distribution provides the quality and security your inventory deserves. All of our warehouse personnel are trained in our standard warehouse procedures, as well as specific procedures and instructions for handling specialized materials. The layout of our warehouse includes a restricted location subject to its own security systems and procedures for issuing items to our fulfillment center.