Seamlessly integrating all steps from information capture and management to order processing and shipping, Newport Distribution offers a full range of wholesale and retail fulfillment services. Our automated fulfillment solutions provide high-speed parcel shipping capabilities, thus enabling us to ship millions of orders annually and handle hundreds of thousands of different SKUs. We have the in-house capability to tailor-fit our state-of-the-art IT systems to flawlessly interface with our customers' systems across a wide variety of vendors and platforms, providing them with real-time data exchange and highly customized reporting.

We provide our clients the ability to comply with the requirements of leading department store and discount retail organizations, including product marking, bar coding, and electronic integration. We can help you manage significant seasonal peaks, inventory positioning, rapid and accurate replenishment, and vendor-managed inventory requirements. For retailers, we can establish direct-to-store programs, cross-docking and inventory reduction programs, promotions and product launches, and geographic expansions into new store locations.